Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 10: Teenagers are not a good example. (0 lbs. difference)

289 lbs.
132 lbs. lost 12/7/07 - 11/1/2009
60 lbs. regained 11/1/2009 - 9/3/2010
0 lbs. gained this week
8 lbs. total lost since 9/3/10
71 Consecutive 5Ks

This blog and weight loss journey originally began as a fundraiser called "Lose for the Fuse", read the first post to get more background on how this all began.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak to a group of teens at their winter retreat about culture and media and had a blast!  Unfortunately, I put myself in a bit of a hole because teens can eat like crazy!  Still it was good to look at the scale today and see I hadn't done too much damage.  I stand at the same weight today as I did last Friday.

On the 5K side of things, I haven't talked about it much but it's been an interesting journey making sure to get the miles in everyday.  For instance, last Sunday I had to be up for the youth retreat at 8AM and then immediately after I spoke drive to the airport where I had to wait on standby for a plane that eventually got me home about 9PM.   If I hadn't planned ahead, it would have been near impossible to pull off.  I knew I would be way too tired after travelling to do it, so I got up early and did my 5K on the campgrounds where the retreat was.  It was cold and miserable, but I have a feeling there will be worse days than that even to try to squeeze them in.

It's all about the commitment, and now I just need my eating commitment to line up with my 5K commitment!

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