Friday, June 20, 2008

Week 28 update, No Gym, Still Losing (2 lbs. lost)...

302 lbs
67 down
33 to go
24 weeks left
$15 per lb pledged
$1005 raised

If you are new to please read the first post or pledge here.

This week was an interesting one at the Lose For the Fuse Headquarters in that my wife directed our church's VBS (that's Vacation Bible School for all you heathens) and needed the vehicle every morning to go lead 150 kids in a chorus of "Father Abraham" (Yes, I'm sure they had much cooler songs than that, but when I was a kid, VBS was 5 old kid's songs, gluing a popsicle stick to green cardboard paper, a vanilla wafer, and running around the church playground for a couple hours. Now they have themes like "Custom Garage" where every kid walks away with a new car at the end of the week. It's like Oprah's free stuff episode, but with 5 year olds.)

The point is...

This week I had no vehicle in the morning to drive to and from my work out so I was left to make due at home all week (I did manage to get in for 15 minutes this morning to do the weigh in). Thankfully Wii Fit came to the rescue and I was still able to do some weight training and of course my Tuesday/Thursday running continued as well. Speaking of which, I passed 100 miles ran since I started the Nike+ running in February. I was also able to bike 26 miles again on Sunday, all of which has helped the pounds to continue to descend. The truth is I've just never felt this motivated to exercize since I played ball in High School, and that makes the daily healthy descisions much easier. Now, I'm just 3 pounds away from breaking 300 (and shaving this horrendous beard like substance on my face) and a mere 33 pounds from my goal with 5 and a half months left.

Thanks for continuing to encourage me, and hopefully next week I'll be back here with a naked face, albeit one that will likely have some sort of freakish beard tan lines on it.

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