Friday, June 6, 2008

Week 26 update, Carpet Removal, Burning Calories the Most Painful Way Possible. (3 lbs. lost)...

307 lbs
62 down
38 to go
26 weeks left
$15 per lb pledged
$930 raised

If you are new to please read the first post or pledge here.

Tomorrow marks exactly 6 months of hard work and eating changes that I've put in to this little "Lose For the Fuse" project and it means we are officially halfway to the end point. In that half year I've lost 62 pounds (62% of my goal) and have gone from a size 52 waist to close to a 46 (close to 44). Also, when I jump without a shirt on, the jiggling stops after only 4 seconds as opposed to 32 seconds just 6 months ago. That's an 81% decrease in naked belly jiggling duration and that alone makes this whole project worthwhile. I feel better, look better (except for the massive scraggle beard that is awaiting shaving at when I break 300) and have more energy to do things with my children and wife (hey now) than any time in my life.

Long story short, this first 6 months has gone better than I could have ever expected and I can't wait to see what the next 6 will be like. I'm 38 pounds away from my initial goal and though I know the pounds will continue to become more obstinate I'm hoping to blow past 100 before my time is up. My ideal weight according to BFP (Body Fat Percentage) is around 250 and I see no reason why I can't get there. First things first of course, but I'm excited about where I might be when this year comes to a close this December 7th.

Specifically for this week I was down 3 pounds, and I don't expect to see many more weeks in this range so I'll enjoy it for what it is. Reflected in that loss is several hours worth of carpet removal (as we prepare to sell our house) the most painful of which was the scraping of this old school black adhesive nastiness that must have been fashioned by carpet Hitler as some sort of ultimate carpet torture technique. I'm sure I burned plenty of calories getting that stuff up, but I will take a 5 mile run any day over having to do that again. The fact remains that I am now 7 pounds away from a pretty heavy milestone and I hope to crack it before July hits.

Thanks so much for your support, and if you want to pledge (or increase your pledge) to keep 101.7 The Fuse on the air, by supporting my weight loss, please click on the link above. I am close to having raised $1000 for the station (In fact, one more person doing $1 a pound would put me over) and I hope to have even more as we march towards December.

Thanks again, see ya' next week.

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