Friday, November 7, 2008

Week 48 update, WAIT, I HAVEN'T BOUGHT THE CONFETTI YET!! (5 lbs. lost)...

269 LBS!!
100 DOWN!!
0 TO GO!!
4 weeks left
$16 per lb pledged
$1600 raised

If you are new to please read the first post or pledge here.

Well, didn't see this one coming, and to be perfectly honest I wasn't prepared to celebrate this milestone quite yet.  I was thinking that once I got within 3 pounds I would make that final push.  But apparently my body decided to have one of "those weeks".  So here I stand 100 pounds lighter than I was exactly 11 months ago.  It's a bit mind boggling that I would have a 5 pound week this late in the game, but apparently I still have some weight to lose.

So what does this mean?

Are you done losing weight? Uh no. I've said from the beginning that nothing changes once I hit my goal.  I love going to the gym,  I enjoy my eating schedule and portions, and I haven't cut out any foods from my diet that I want to add back in.  My body will continue losing weight as long as it wants to, and my guess is I will land in the 250s somewhere early next year.

There is still a month left and I pledged a dollar a pound, what do I do?  You have a choice.   You can give the $100 (or remainder thereof) at any point you feel like.  You can also decide to continue to sponsor me through the 7th of December and give $1 for every pound I lose in the year.  Your commitment was for 100 pounds, but every dollar is appreciated.

I didn't pledge per pound but I want to celebrate your goal with a gift to the station, can I do that?  Sure!  You can fill out a form and put the amount in or you can go to our website ( and click the paypal button and donate now, just make sure you mark it as lose for the fuse so we can get a tally of how much has been raised.

How does it feel?  Well, it's weird.  It's kinda like a birthday.  You want to celebrate and enjoy it, but you really don't feel any different.  You know you are a year older, but it's been a long process so the day to day aging doesn't hit you.  100 pounds is a lot, but it took 11 months so I don't fell that much different today than yesterday.  Having said that, I'm still pretty stoked.

Will you still blog here every week? Yes. At least through the end of my year long journey, and probably beyond.  We have big plans for so it's safe to say that there will always be something to watch here :)

Big plans, eh? Yeah, I would love to pass on my experience to others in the mid Michigan area and continue to support the Fuse while doing so.  We are currently working out the details, but we will likely launch a new "Lose for the Fuse" program in early 2009 that involves training, gifts, prizes, possible health club memberships, and more for participants.  If you know anyone who loves the station and would like to lose weight to raise money for us, let them know that we will likely be taking registrations in December for a 6 month or so program.  Like I said, the details are still being ironed out (crazy wrinkly details) but we want this to grow into something special for you and us.

What if you gain weight next week?  Shame on you, let me have my moment will ya?

Thanks again for the support and I'll be back next week with more and hopefully still in the 260s!

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  1. Congrats on the accomplishment. I've been following all along and its been really cool to see you start something and then show the perseverance to finish it out. Good job!