Friday, December 12, 2008

Real Life Update 1, Wii Fit Scale in Effect (2 lbs. lost)

261 lbs.
108 lbs. lost since 12/7/07

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Week 1 in the real world.
I'm not sure how this will go now that the official first year is over.  I want to continue using this blog as a place for accountability and hopefully to launch others into losing weight for FuseFM.  I'll likely try to continue with the Friday posts at least while I am still losing weight on a week to week basis.  Once I level off, we shall see.
How about that before and after shot?  It's a bit shoking, even to me, to look back and see how big I was.  I didn't feel that big, I don't remember being that big, but there it is, clear as day.
This week I will be shifting my official scale from the gym scale to the Wii Fit scale, so there is a little bit of adjustment with the number.  Wii Fit consistantly comes in about 2 pounds less than the gym scale so it's a bit decieving to say I lost 2 more pounds this week.  Not decieving enough that I won't take it mind you, but still a little decieving none the less.  Still it was a good week, and I feel really good about where this will go in the future.
Thanks for continuing to check in, and be sure and let me know if you are interested in doing Lose for the Fuse in 2009!  I'll probably be leading a group of about 6 for 6 month periods starting sometime in January or February, but we still have to iron out all the details.

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