Friday, December 19, 2008

Real Life Update 2, Dropping Down the Charts (4 lbs. lost)

257 lbs.
112 lbs. lost since 12/7/07

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I guess eventually these 4 or 5 pound weeks will cease to happen, but it's a pretty clear sign that I still have some work to do.  Again, initially I wasn't sure the 250s were a realistic goal and now I can't help but think the 230s might be a reality.  I also should repeat that it's not necessarily about the number it's about the little day to day choices that make me healthier and give me more energy to do the things I need to do.   In two weeks, barring an illness, I will have spent the entire calender year without being sick.  The worst I can remember is that I developed a slight sore throat when our heat kicked on for the winter, but that was just for a couple hours that one morning.  I'm pretty sure this will be the first such year in my 32 calender years of post womb life.  Amazing.
Speaking of not focusing on just the weight number, I never did mention that I had another BFP test done 2 weeks ago when I closed out the first year.  BFP (body fat percentage) is a much more accurate look at health than BMI (body mass index) since BMI fails to account for factors like muscle mass or body structure.  You can see the BFP chart in this post and it should give you an idea.  My BFP this past test was at 21%, another 2.5% drop from where it was in July and getting pretty close to the magic %18 when I officially enter the fitness category (currently I am acceptable).  Compare this to BMI, where I just this week crossed into the "overweight" category.  BMI considered me obese a full 5 months after BFP has said I was acceptable, not only that but BMI still considers me overweight and likely always will (215 is where I become normal according to BMI and 190 is my BMI center).   Let's just say I prefer to go with the BFP for my assessment.  The problem is that the tests aren't as easy to calculate as just putting height and weight into a calculator, so many people don't get them done.  If you are serious about checking out your progress I would highly recommend finding someone to test your BFP every couple months.  The tests are usually around $20-$30 and will do much more to assess you fitness than the BMI does.
That's it for this week, we shall see if the Christmas cookies continue to have no effect next week.

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