Thursday, June 4, 2009

Real Life Update 13, New License (2 lbs. lost)

241 lbs.
128 lbs. lost since 12/7/07

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Got a new license on my birthday and aside from the usual chuckle I get when I read that I should see the back of it for my anatomical gift I also got the privilege of seeing the shocking difference between now and then. Drastic, no? Just for fun I popped this photo into (the website that tells which celebrity you look like) and apparently I've progressed from from Leonid Brezhnev to Jude Law, nice. Whatever the case May was a decent month as I lost 2 more pounds despite the food, folks, and fun that comes with a Birthday and Memorial Day. I hesitate to say for sure (cause the body will do what the body will do) but I'm thinking I will live in the high 220s low 230s when all is said and done.

Seeing the now and then pics is always interesting, but I feel like I'm different than most people who lose a lot of weight (at least the ones I see on Biggest Loser) in that I don't look at the old picture and say, "I don't even know that person" It's probably because I didn't have a lot of emotional or psychological baggage that I left behind with the weight, but I feel like that old picture is just as much me as the new one, just with more pounds and hair. Don't get me wrong, I like being healthy and would never chose to go back, but that Leonid Brezhnev lookin' dude is the same guy as the Jude Law lookin' dude (hey, a website said it, it must be true). To me it's much the same as seeing yourself in an old shirt or different style haircut. The difference is that changing your shirt or haircut doesn't get rid of your back pain, help you sleep better, and make your heart and lungs work better.

See you in July!


  1. questions and comments. A you are now 241. Time to jump out of a plane? Two: you are now 60 pounds away from me and I find that to be astonishing. I'm happy for you but at the same time I miss my big brother. Now all I have is an older brother... lame.

  2. Weight limit for skydiving is usually between 225 and 235 depending on the company, so I still have a few pounds to go. As for the other, maybe I can get all jacked with muscle and be your big brother again. OK not likely, sorry man.