Sunday, November 1, 2009

Real Life Update 17, Ho Hum (0 lbs. lost)...

237 lbs.
132 lbs. lost since 12/7/07

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Yep, it's officially boring to keep up with me :)

I don't know if I will hover around 240 forever but as for now in my current schedule and life this is where I have landed, and I am perfectly fine with that. If I ever find myself being able to work out in the mornings again I may lose a few more pounds (maybe 10-20) but that's a big if. It hasn't been as difficult to put in the effort and maintain instead of lose. I was worried that I would get down not losing weight, but it's actually kinda nice knowing that there is some consistency.

On another note, it looks like loseforthefuse is getting a new chapter. Johnny Big and Sara will be taking up the weight loss mantle starting very soon so keep checking in to see how their journey goes!

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