Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to More After Than Before! (49 lbs. gained!)...

286 lbs.
132 lbs. lost 12/7/07 - 11/1/2009
49 lbs. regained 11/1/2009 - 9/2/2010

This blog and weight loss journey originally began as a fundraiser called "Lose for the Fuse", read the first post to get more background on how this all began.

Since the goal of this blog was accountability and honesty through the process of getting healthy, it's only fair that I immortalize my failures along with my successes in this space.  These past 10 months have been an amazing transition for my family as we have started a new adventure in Springfield, MO, eating out capital of the world.  We are thrilled to be in a new place with new amazing people, a new amazing radio station, and new amazing food.  But along with transition comes a reset of patterns and lifestyle changes I thought I had made permanent.  Well I have about 50 pounds that says I need to do a little reversal here before things get out of hand again.

It's not as if I've given up through this process.  One of the first things we did upon moving down here was to find an affordable health center so I could have somewhere to run and workout.   But paying them money to have the ability to go and actually take the time to do it turn out to be two different things.  Sure, I've gone, quite a bit really, but not with the consistency or dedication that I did in Michigan.  I'm still getting a feel for my schedule here, and the hard part is that it is continually shifting, so I need to have a plan A, B, and often C if I'm going to make that time happen.

And then there is the eating.

Every restaurant known to man is within a stone's throw, including a Krispy Kreme (CURSE YOU HOT NOW SIGN!), a couple Chick Fil As (my absolute weakness), and a place called Lambert's where they literally throw food at you so you can get it in your gullet faster.  Add to this that the new station I work for has businesses and supporters bringing in food on almost a weekly basis it's becoming clear I'm going to have to upgrade my will power ranking to stick to my portion control and eating schedule.

The third part of the equation, and the one that I think is going to kick the other two into gear, is challenge and accountability.  The latter part of that is the reason I'm back to blogging, which I plan to do every week with a weigh in every Friday.  You are a huge part of the reason I was able to lose the original weight.  Your encouragement and support were crucial, as well as the fact that I knew I had someone to report to every week, good or bad.

The challenge part is a bit tougher.  There was something thrilling to me about losing weight to raise money for FuseFM.  It was a driving force and a daily challenge to put your money where my mouth was.  So I want something new, something for this year that can challenge me to see if I can pull it off.   And I think I've landed on something that will do the trick.

My goal is to run a 5K every single day for an entire year.

Starting today I will make it my priority to carve out 25 to 30 minutes each day to run, even if I can't do anything else.  No breaks, no excuses, if I don't run 5 kilometers (just over 3 miles) over the course of each 24 hour period (midnight to midnight) I fail.  Each Friday I will not only report my weight but also how I did with this season's "more after than before" challenge.  If you are just crazy enough to join me in the 5K a day challenge, let me know.  I'm sure I will also enter some actual 5K races as part of the year, as I might as well get some participation ribbons and T-Shirts for my hard work.

You'll might also notice I'm not setting a weight goal, and the reason is simple, I don't care what the number is.  If I land somewhere around 230-250 and my lungs and heart are in good shape, I'm happy.  Just as long is the number is more after than before!

Catch ya' next week, and thanks!


  1. Wishing you the best of can do it!

  2. I hear ya, I also lost weight over the last several years(about 65lbs) I tranistioned from one town to another and did not continue my healthly living like I had planned. I have in the last 2 years gianed nearly half of it back. I am also, once again tring to get myself back of track for a healthier future. I have heard it said more than once, it is easier to lose it, than to keep it off. Best wishes to you in your endeavor, and keep strong. Just a thought: A minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips. Sometimes helps me if I think of that before I endulge on a donut or such.

  3. Great plan now work it! You know I'll be checking each week and listening to "the Wind" to hear what's goin' on. Hope you have "the wind" to run like "the wind". ard1

  4. I am on a weight loss journey myself. I had lost 62 lbs and now have gained 13 back. I have lost all control with my eating habits and exercise routine. I think this blog will help me with accountability also. I wish you the best of luck and will be checking each Friday to see how you are doing!

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words, accountability, and encouragement. I'll check in Friday with an update!