Friday, February 8, 2008

Week 9 update, Nike+ Ipod = Awesomeness (2 lbs. lost)...

344 lbs
25 down, 75 to go
43 weeks left
$13 per lb pledged
$325 raised

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I added a new piece to my workout puzzle that I wanted to let you know about because it has been working so well. It's called Nike+ and it's this incredible way of keeping track of all your running stats using an Ipod Nano. I've never been a big fan of running, but with the Nike+ I find myself itching to get back on the treadmill. Why? Because it makes it fun. That's the easiest way to put it. Now when I run my stats (miles run, calories burned, average speed, etc) are all compiled in real time and sent to Nike's website when I sync my Ipod. It also gives me instant audio feedback while I'm listening to music as I run. The other day after running a mile, Tiger Woods popped into my earbuds to announce that I had just run my fastest mile. The point is, for a stats and numbers junkie like me, it's pretty cool.

The technology is pretty simple. A sensor is placed in the shoe (special Nike+ shoes have a place built for it in the sole, but it can work with any shoe if attached firmly) that sends information to your Ipod Nano through a receiver (and yes it must be the Nano) which then gives you the real time updates. You can set your runs by distance, time, calories, or whatever you chose and the pleasant voice in your ear will keep you informed on your progress.

Another nice thing is that you can set up goals for yourself and the website will keep tabs on how you are doing. You can then share these results with others (as I am to the right on this blog) or if your friends have their own, you can even challenge others to see who can run 10 miles first, run the most time in a month, etc. By the way, if you run using Nike+ I would love to get a Lose for the Fuse challenge going so let me know.

Bottom line, I never thought I would be an avid runner, but I just might turn into one now.

On to the weigh in, 2 more pounds this week and I am completely content with this pace. As long as I keep making wise eating choices and exercising I think I am well on my way to making this happen.

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