Friday, March 21, 2008

Week 15 update, Back in the Singles Scene (1 lb. lost)...

333 lbs
36 down, 64 to go
37 weeks left
$14 per lb pledged
$494 raised

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Here we go again, back on the pound a week train. I really shouldn't complain, at least it's heading down. My body is probably just getting back at me for what I did to it yesterday. Because of events beyond my control I wasn't able to get to the gym yesterday to do my cardio (I've been running a 5k (about 3.1 miles) every Tuesday and Thursday for my cardio workout.) So I had an idea. It's at least 28 degrees out, why don't I run outside, here in town? So what if I only have shorts to run in and I've never run outside in the real world yet, it can't be that bad, today's the first day of Spring, right?

So I put on my running shorts and shoes, grabbed my Ipod and headed to the rail trail. I set my Nike plus Ipod for 45 minutes (5k takes me about 40 minutes on the mill, but I wasn't sure how the outdoors would change that.) and took off heading east. Immediately I could tell the difference between the give of the treadmill and the "I'm bigger than you are and I'm not going anywhere" attitude of the hard hard earth. However, within a few minutes, my body adjusted and I felt great. It was morning and the sun was in front of me and the temperature felt perfect and the running seemed almost easier. Everything was great, and then the Nike Ipod voice in my head informed my that I had reached my halfway point. "Great", I thought, "I'll turn around and head back." And then, as I did so, it hit me, no, seriously, it really hit me. The wind was now blowing straight in my face hard enough that if you saw me you might have thought I was doing some sort of mime performance art. All of the sudden I went from thinking I could run outside every morning, to wondering if they would find my body before or after the wild dogs got to me. The combination of the wind in my face, the sun no longer shining on me, and the nice cover of sweat I worked up on the way out, added up to one of the coldest 22 minutes in a row I can remember. By the time I got home my legs looked like I had contracted leprosy and my facial hair was encrusted with some sort of frozen mucus combo that it's probably better that we not go into further detail on.

I know there are many runners that run in much colder temperature and that my wimpiness will likely be legendary but it's safe to say that I won't be running outside again until spring is more than just a date on the calender.

Thanks for reading and be sure and pledge, if for no other reason than you feel sorry for this pitiful, pitiful man.

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