Friday, January 16, 2009

Real Life Update 6, Losing Again (2 lbs. lost)

255 lbs.
114 lbs. lost since 12/7/07

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Here we go again!  It certainly feels great to be back on the downward slide as the holidays fade into the background.  I think a one or two pound loss should be pretty typical for me from here until I level off, wherever that might be.  I only have one more hump to get over before a long stretch of "normalcy" and that would be a week of vacation coming up in the next month or so.  I figure as long as a come out of that week around 250 or so I should be able to hit my skydiving weight by my birthday (hint, hint).  I recently rechecked my "bucket list" (of course it wasn't called that when I wrote it in college, but now Jack Nicholson insists that I refer to it as such) as I was thinking about jumping out of a plane since I knew I had written that on there.  What I didn't remember is that when I wrote that list (about 12 years ago) I had also put on there to weigh below 240 again.  I can knock off two "bucket list" items with about 20 more pounds!!  Still pretty sure that attending a Lion's playoff game will be the most difficult to achieve, cause I'm too cheap to pay the scalper prices especially when they include transportation to an alternate reality where the Detroit Lions make the playoffs.

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