Friday, January 30, 2009

Real Life Update 8, Slow But Steady (1 lb. lost)

253 lbs.
116 lbs. lost since 12/7/07

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I can feel it.  My body is starting to level off.  It may just be that for this amount of exercise and way of eating 240-250 may be where I land.  Again, it doesn't bother me wherever that might end up, I can just tell in my daily/weekly progress that my body is settling down.  Having said this, who knows, I could drop another fiver next week.  The body does what the body does, I'm just going to continue to live life this way and see what heppens.  Once I do level off (lets say within a pound either way for a 4 week stretch) I will probably be a little more sporadic with these updates.  I'll hop on whenever I feel there is something to talk about related to health/weight but will only do the official weight check maybe monthly.  I still want to do it periodically just to have that sense of accountability to you.  And if the program grows to include others (which I still hope it will) this will become the home for those efforts as well.   But as long as I'm losing one or two pounds a week, I'll keep checking in weekly to let you know how it is going!

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