Friday, January 11, 2008

Week 5 update, Can wet hair add 5 pounds? (3.5 lbs. lost)...

353.3 lbs*
15 down, 85 to go
47 weeks left
$12 per lb pledged
$180 raised

If you are new to please read the first post or pledge here.

Ahhh the asterisk. First Barry Bonds, then the New England Patriots and now me.

Imagine my joy this morning when I stepped on the scale and it told me that I was down 3 more pounds despite snacking on M&Ms all week and eating a couple late bowls of cereal. I immediately thought that maybe all I need to do to lose weight is just to weigh myself every week. As if the strain of stepping up to the scale once a week burns thousands of calories. Now I know that I have lost some weight the last 5 weeks, but after starting my shower I got thinking. There is no way I could have lost another 3 pounds this week, we need to do a double check. So after the shower I stepped back on the scale and it said....


Uh-oh, let's try again...


This is not going the right way, do I dare another try?...


Oh dear. My scale is simply unreliable. I'm sure I weigh somewhere between 350 and 360 and that I started somewhere between 365 and 375 but it's hard to make good assessments when your scale works with a 10 pound margin of error. I trust the political polling process more than I trust my scale right now.

So what to do?

Here's the plan. Next Friday I will find a reliable doctor type scale and get a real reading. I will also weigh myself 5 times on my scale and take an average. The difference between that average and the actual weight will then be taken from (or added to) my starting weight to adjust for my unreliable scale. Then each week I will make sure I weigh in on the same reliable scale.

Sound fair?

Too bad, that's what I'm doing :)

On another note I'm still looking for donors willing to sponsor this little quest. If you would be willing to pledge a dollar a pound to help the radio station stay on the air just click on the above link, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and I'll be back next week minus the asterisk (I wonder how much that weighs?)

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