Friday, January 18, 2008

Week 6 update, A milestone and a turning point (6.3 lbs. lost)...

21 down, 79 to go
46 weeks left
$13 per lb pledged
$273 raised

If you are new to please read the first post or pledge here.

We are cruising now. Another 6 pounds down this week which puts me under 350 for the first time in a while. Not only that but Autumn Hale and the folks down at Clare Health and Fitness began working with me today on an exercise program that will certainly be a turning point in this pursuit. I did some elliptical work this morning (some sort of cross country ski simulator) and though it about killed me I felt so good afterwards that I can't wait to go back Monday. Huge thank yous to Autumn and Clare Health and Fitness for their support in this endeavor and if you get a chance go check them out.

In addition to the work out, they tested my body fat percentage which is a much better way to gauge your physical health than just weight alone. You know how fat people will say, "I'm not fat, I'm just big boned!"? Well this is the test that can vindicate them and it's much more realistic than the BMI (body mass index) which says that if I am over 215 pounds I am overweight and if I am over 240 I am obese. Turns out that according to my results this morning if you sucked out every ounce of fat in my body the remaining organs, bones, and fluids would weigh 250 pounds! Me at 0% body fat equals 250, wow. This puts my body fat percentage at about 29%, not near as bad as I had thought. A good percentage for males is between 15% and 18% and shooting for that would put me at about 290 or so. These numbers may change a bit as my body changes so we will see in a few months how things look. If you are concerned about your health I highly recommend this test it is the clearest understanding I have ever had of where I stand and what I need to do. The test is quick and painless (they just hook you up to a couple of electrodes for a few seconds) and I think you can get one done at Clare Health and Fitness for pretty reasonable.

Finally this week I added another dollar per pound to my donors but I am still far short of the goal. If you would please just consider pledging whatever you can I would certainly appreciate it. Getting healthy is great, but keeping the station healthy is why I am doing this.

Thanks for your support!

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