Saturday, April 12, 2008

Week 18 update, The Roller Coaster Week Ends Well (3 lbs. lost)...

322 lbs
47 down, 53 to go
34 weeks left
$15 per lb pledged
$705 raised

If you are new to please read the first post or pledge here.

What an insane week. If you haven't been following the Fuse Fundrive this week, just know it's one of those weeks that takes all of your focus and energy to get through. Every year around this time we go on the air and specifically ask new supporters of the station to come on board. We had a great time and raised some money for the Fuse and owe a great deal of thanks to a lot of people who helped make it possible, including those who brought in meals over the Monday to Thursday time frame. Though I must admit, "Thank You" wasn't exactly on my mind when all that delicious food was hanging out begging to be eaten and I'm trying to stick to my eating plan.

Here's how the week went down.

Weekend -3
Monday +2
Tuesday +2
Wednesday -2
Thursday -2

Those weigh ins direct relate to how focused I was on my eating. It's not that I did any binging or anything, but on Monday and Tuesday, I would have Pizza for my snack instead of an apple and so on. After weighing on Wednesday I knew I need to buckle down and get back to business and thankfully my body responded. It's also a testament to how much the body can fluctuate over the week and a good reason to only really measure progress by weekly tally.

Thanks again for your support and be ready for next week, I'm hoping to be able to use the word "halfway".

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  1. Congrats on another 3 pounds lost! I saw all the delicious looking temptations you had to face, especially being right next to your desk! It was hard enough for me to resist them for the few hours I was there!

    I'll be praying you hit the halfway mark (and maybe beyond!) next week!