Friday, April 18, 2008

Week 19 update, Almost There (1 lbs. lost)...

321 lbs
48 down, 52 to go
33 weeks left
$15 per lb pledged

If you are new to please read the first post or pledge here.

Sorry for the brevity of the post, but I'm down in Nashville tonight and on a borrowed laptop. I lost another pound this week and the slow down would be more depressing if it weren't for the fact that I caught some sort of stomach flu earlier this week that dropped 4 pounds off me. On Wednesday I was at 318, so I knew when I got better that my body would want to put some weight back on (including all the water weight I dropped). The real test will be this week as I'm at this conference where every meeting seems to center around food. I will still make it my goal to hit my halfway point this week (2 more pounds!) but it will be a struggle for sure.

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  1. Hey Dice!
    I heard you reference your blog on 101.7 and thought I would check it out - I think what you are doing is so awesome! I wish you the best of luck and will be checking in occasionally :-)
    ~Faith Rickett