Friday, April 25, 2008

Week 20 update, Eating Late, Still Losing Weight (4 lbs. lost)...

317 lbs
52 down
48 to go
32 weeks left
$15 per lb pledged
$780 raised

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GMA seems like the worst place to try and lose weight. As mentioned last week, every meeting seems to revolve around food, not only that, but many of these meetings happen at night. For instance, Monday night around 9:30 I was sitting with Krystal Myers and Dawn from Fireflight (yeah, I'm not above a bit of name droppin') dipping Rice Krispy Treats and Cheesecake into melted chocolate and marshmallow at a Fondue party. This is not a recipe for dropping pounds. However somehow, when I stepped on the scale this morning I was down four pounds from last week.

How is this possible?

My guess is that I burned a lot of calories walking around Nashville and running 4 miles every morning, still I can't tell you how pleased I was to know that despite some splurging I not only hit my halfway point this week, I surpassed it by 2 pounds. I'm now just 7 pounds away from my birthday goal with one month left, and 17 pounds away from the elusive 200s. I've lost weight before but I am entering rare territory here in the next few weeks. The lightest I've been since my Freshman year of college is around 285-290, and that only lasted a few weeks. I'm excited to see exactly how far I can take this and it feels more and more real every week.

Thanks for checking in with me this week and if you haven't signed up to pledge do so now.

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