Friday, May 9, 2008

Week 22 update, Is this the Wall? (0 lbs. lost)...

314 lbs
55 down
45 to go
30 weeks left
$15 per lb pledged
$825 raised

If you are new to please read the first post or pledge here.

I knew it was lingering out there, I've heard enough people who have lost weight talk about it, so I figured it would happen eventually, it's the dreaded wall. After loosing some great weight for several weeks now, to come up against a goose egg is a bit frustrating, but it's hard to complain too much when things have been going so well. My hope is that it won't last too long, and that I'll be able to push through it quickly. I've learned enough to know that I'm doing the right things and it will pay off eventually, but seeing the zero is still a bummer, so I hope it's just a one week thing.

Thanks for checkin' in and if you haven't pledged yet there is still plenty of time to get on board!


  1. At least "0" is better than "+3" so just keep doing the right things. You can still make your birthday goal.