Friday, October 3, 2008

Week 43 update, Too Much Slacking, Time to Refocus, (1 lb gained)...

280 lbs.
89 down
11 to go
9 weeks left
$16 per lb pledged
$1424 raised

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Well, perhaps I should be a little more focused.  With fall pushing the temperatures downward the urge to stay snuggled in my comfy comforter is becoming larger.  I also imagine my body wants to hang on to it's insulation a bit more as well.  But the main problem is that I had that extra scoop in many meals this week (it's so hard when your spouse is such an amazing cook) and exchanged apples for candy bars a few times at work for my afternoon snack.  Add to that not running on Tuesday and Thursday (brrr, seriously, brr) and I'm not extremely surprised to see a pound appear.

What does it mean?

Just that I need to refocus and continue to make correct decesions so that it turns back around and heads in the right direction.

Come back next week and see how it goes!

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  1. OMG!! i am SOO proud of you guys!! i just moved from Michigan [my home for about 10 years] to Virginia about 6 weeks ago, i finally got your page to load and i couldn't belieave how far you've come!! i have been musically deprived unitl today! thank you SO much for your ministry!! <3